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The Lamborghini Aventador is a Supercar featured on the Stradman's YouTube channel, making it's first appearance on the Stradman YouTube Channel in the video "Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Aventador in the Nation" on November 6th, 2018. It is TheStradman's flagship car

The car is wrapped in a Cobalt Blue, features a 10-16 industries body kit and white vossens as its summer tires.


Being one of the most powerful car in James' inventory, it features a FI exhaust and a 10-16 industries body kit, nothing has been modified to the engine.


The Aventador the flagship car in James' fleet and he does not plan to sell the vehicle.


  • This is the second car to have a purple wrap.
  • This is the second car to have a camo wrap, the first being the Gallardo.
  • The Aventador is the second oldest car is The Stradman's fleet
  • James believes that using launch control on the Aventador would cause the clutch to break.